FCVP Talks

2019 talks
Our guest speaker for 2019 was Nicki Copeland. Nicki loves to encourage others to throw off everything that holds them back, and embrace the freedom God is offering. She is the author of Losing the Fig Leaf and Less Than Ordinary? Nicki is a mum, speaker, writer, editor and eater of chocolate.
You can learn more about her book Losing the fig leaf here
You can also follow Nicki On Twitter here
Our talks were on the theme of losing our fig leaves
Session 1
Session 2
Lydia’s Testimony
Session 3


2018 talks

Talks By Lizzie Smallwood

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

At the 2017 conference, 125 women gathered for teaching, praise and worship.
Listen here to the 2017 talks on the theme ‘One Thing’ (Luke 10:42)’
Session 1: Luke 10:38-42

Session 2: John 11:1-44

Session 3: John 12:1-11

2017 Speaker: Jane McNabb (Slade Evangelical Church, Plumstead)2017 Conference invite 4-page-001

Jane is an author and an experienced conference
speaker. She is married to Wesley, a Pastor at Slade Church. She is also a mum of two children and enjoys reading, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

Jane’s talk gave us fresh insights into Martha and Mary, focusing our minds on the ‘One Thing’ Jesus mentions in Luke 10:42

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