CTF Supported Groups Updates

WPN has continued to see clients in their homes, at No Labels (mental health support group) at the three-health drop-in clinics at St Philips Church pop-up shop, the community hub, at Collimer Court and at the two chair-based exercise classes that take place at Maidstone Road Baptist Church on a Wednesday morning. Client’s needs are increasing and they are requiring more input.

No Labels continues and has another sailing trip planned for the summer with the East Anglian Sailing Trust at Levington.

On Thursday 11th January, Dame Ruth May Chief Nursing Officer for England visited with Anne Taylor PNMUK’s Director of Nursing. An article about her visit has since been in the Town Council Magazine and The Flyer.

Starting on Tuesday 23rd January for two weeks WPN provided a social placement for a third-year ordinand. Also on Tuesday 23rd January, Lorna gave a talk at Grave Talk during Unity Week with another Grave Talk planned for 10th October.

On Thursday 14th March, WPN had the East Suffolk Council Felixstowe Peninsula Health Fair held at Harvest House for which WPN helped in an advisory role with the planning. It was a great success with over 40 organisations attending and speakers.

On Monday 25th March Lorna gave a talk to the Ranelagh Road ladies group about WPN and they donated their collection from the afternoon.

The April edition of the Nursing Times is now out and available to read. Parish Nurse, Lorna was interviewed for the article entitled the nursing faith groups tackling health inequalities.

Prayer points for Walton Parish Nursing, Felixstowe

  • Please pray for the continuing growth and success of parish nursing, for guidance when considering future areas of work to meet the needs of the Walton community and for the wellbeing of all involved in this wonderful health ministry.
  • The great need to more volunteers to do home visits, provide transport to medical appointments and do basic leg care as part of the sole mate service.
  • Continued sources of funding for the charity.
  • For the increasing number of complex needs that WPN’s clients have including dementia, loneliness, bereavement, physical and mental health issues.


Old Felixstowe Parish Nursing is a volunteer run and led service running out of Old Felixstowe Parish Churches

This free service is available to people who live in the parish or have links to the churches. Open to people of all backgrounds – of faith and of none. We offer health education advice and support, and signpost to other relevant agencies. We are concerned about the physical, mental and spiritual health of those we serve. Prayer is available on request.

The service began in 2023 and is continuing to develop and discern how best we can serve our community to God’s glory.

Thank you to CTiF for their continued support and interest.

Any more details please contact the parish nurse.      parishnurse@oldfelixstoweparish.org.uk

Helen and Anne

It’s been a wonderfully busy year at Hope Trust, and we have had several new people come and join us for one or more of our regular events. We regularly support 58 different people each month, some coming to one weekly or monthly session and others who come every day we are open! It’s great getting to meet them all and getting to know them and their stories and give support when needed.

All our activities are open to people aged 50+ and are free of charge to those who attend, with the exception of meals and trips out.

We continue to run regular weekly activity sessions. On Tuesdays we have our Tech café where people can get support or ask questions about their phone, tablet or laptop. We have been able to help with emails, updates, various apps and malicious messages. With so much being done online, including GP appointments and prescriptions, it has really helped people who have just not known what to do and have felt really desperate for help.

On Wednesdays we have tea and chat at Maidstone Road and Thursdays Games, tea and chat at OFCA in old Felixstowe. Both groups have grown in number over the last year, so more chairs and tables are needed for both groups. It’s lovely to welcome new people and to see them, in turn invite their friends.

Some of their feedback from these sessions has been:

  • ‘What you do makes such a difference’
  • ‘Thank you for making my life lovelier’
  • ‘Thank you for all your support and company this year’
  • ‘Thank you for all your help’
  • ‘Thank you for all you do for us’
  • ‘Thank you for the huge difference you make’
  • ‘You don’t know how much your texts meant to me’

Between November and the end of January, to continue the work we did last year to provide ‘warm spaces’ we extended our opening times on Wednesdays to 1pm and provided a light lunch for anyone that wanted to have a meal together free of charge.

All the people that joined us really appreciated the meal, company and extending their time together.

On Fridays we have continued some favorite monthly events as well as trying some new things. The film event continues to be very popular as does the lunch that follows it. We have watched films of various genres over the year so there has been something for everyone. We continued crafts up to Christmas with a very small group who enjoyed trying new things. We had a much larger group for the Christmas wreath making which everyone took home with great pride.  We held 6 men’s munch’s, with their favorite bacon rolls and time together for fun quizzes or comedy DVD’s. We had 4 speakers come to give informative or entertaining talks on subjects ranging from the royal family to fire safety as well as music from the ukulele band.

We were able to return to the Hut on the seafront in May and July, with a bit of mixed weather to cope with. They were very busy days, and it was lovely to be joined by some of our trustees on both occasions. Everyone who attended enjoyed the fish and chips as well as some quizzes. We had 36 people join us at the Hut in May and 47 in July.

We held two Christmas events, one at Maidstone Hall, with a musical entertainer and one at OFCA with games. Both events had 24 people who came and both groups had a lovely buffet from a local sandwich shop. People really enjoyed celebrating together.

We continued to expand our trips and meals out to help people to get out and try new things. We continued to hire the FACTS bus for transport, when going out of Felixstowe, which is fully accessible. In the last year we have been to three local pubs/cafes for meals together. We sailed down the river Orwell on a very sunny day on a cruise. We went to Helmingham Hall for their sculpture tour and enjoyed the gardens and café as well as the sculptures. We had a meal at Suffolk Leisure Park and then went on to Suffolk food hall for shopping. Our longest trip was to Ely Cathedral, to their Christmas market which gave everyone the chance to explore both the magnificent building and see all the craft and food stands as well as the city itself. We went with a group to hear a Glen Miller band at the Spa theatre for some jazz. In December we did a Christmas lights tour of the best and brightest lights around the area. We also kept the Christmas spirit going by taking a trip to The Wolsey theatre in Ipswich for their rock and roll panto which was full of fun. We gave people the opportunity to go to Martlesham for a lunch and shopping trip, making room for several full shopping trolleys on the return journey. Our final trip in this period was to a converted barn café for another lovely meal followed by time at Dobbies Garden Centre for people to buy or browse all the plants.

All the meals and trips out have been appreciated by those going and people are often looking forward to where they will be able to go next.

Our 1:1 befriending service was able to support two people with visits in their homes during the last year. Additionally, we have been able to continue to visit three people who use our services but have not been able to attend due to mobility or ongoing sickness issues. This has helped them feel less isolated and still connected to the Trust.

We continue to write a monthly article for the Flyer magazine and several of the new people who come through the door have found us that way. We have taken part in several public, charity and church events and have spoken at local groups when requested.

We are supported by some very loyal volunteers who help us either at our activity sessions, 1-1 visits or serving as Trustees. Although our volunteer numbers remain low, we have had three new people join our team this year.

We have continued our work with one residential home in Felixstowe who support the frail elderly including those with dementia. We assist the home by providing a monthly service for their residents. The home is very welcoming, and the residents appear to really enjoy singing all the older hymns, hearing a short talk and praying together. It is lovely to be able to support both the residents and the home by doing this. One of our Trustees assists by leading these services with our Charity Manager.

We are extremely grateful to God for his provision and for all the support we receive from individuals and churches across Felixstowe. We would not be able to offer our services free of charge without this support.

Looking ahead at the coming year

We want to continue to develop the things that are working well, the activities on Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays and the trips and meals out.

We have just started doing a bereavement support group, which is a six-week program. We want to evaluate how this goes as there seems a real need for this. We will plan how many courses to do each year and if there is the need for an ongoing drop-in café session for those who have done the course or those who don’t feel the course is for them.

Recruit a few more volunteers and two new Trustees. If you want to find out more, please give me a call 01394 272592 or email tracy@hopetrust.org.uk or drop in to see us sometime when you are passing.

The Town Pastors have continued to get out onto the streets, at least once a month. Although the post-Pandemic night-time economy is different, there is still a need and we’ve had some good encounters and opportunities to serve. We have dealt with everything from rough sleeping to excessive partying. Here’s a particular example from the end of last year:

From time to time we come across individuals presenting as homeless. One night Town Pastors encountered two different men. The first was a foreign gentleman in his fifties, sleeping in a shop doorway. He was well equipped for sleeping out, we chatted, checked if he was ok or needed any hot drinks or food. The second was a man in his forties in a shelter on the prom near the Spa Pavilion. He was cold, and Town Pastors helped him get re-arranged so he could be a bit warmer. He already had a sleeping bag, but was hungry. He was supplied with a re-usable insulated flask containing hot soup, plus some bread and biscuits. In both cases Town Pastor patrols checked periodically when passing, but all was well. An alert was sent via StreetLink to East Suffolk Council for follow up first thing in the morning. On Sunday StreetLink confirmed via email that the first individual wasn’t at the reported location and had moved on, but the second person we were concerned about was found and offered advice and support from local services in order to work towards a solution that would move them away from the streets. 

Particularly as the weather improves (and, yes, we’ve had nights of torrential rain) we expect to see people out and about more. We’ve already met a new generation of youngsters, and introduced them to our role – and, of course, the delights of free Freddos!

We were sorry to say farewell to Clare as our coordinator last year, and we thank her for her efficient and effective service. But on the positive side, we’re very happy to welcome two new recruits who will be joining us on the streets very soon. And, of course, we’re very grateful to our faithful band of supporters who pray for us from home, and to our base team members. 

I should also mention our participation with Festival Pastors at the Latitude festival. We are hoping to be able to work again with other Town Pastors across the region to expand our role there this year.

Your prayerful support is always appreciated. If you’d be interested in becoming more involved with Town Pastors then please feel free to email me at neil.winton@townpastors.org.uk.

Neil Winton

Chair, Felixstowe Town Pastors

At our recent management team meeting we had to make some difficult decisions.

Rick, who has been saying for some time that he needs to stand down as debt centre manager, has decided that he will stand down at the end of this year. Also, Jill, our debt coach, has decided to step down from the role. She is finding that one day a week is not enough for the role, and with her work for the Compass and other commitments she can’t do the role justice.

Despite trying a number of times, we have not been able to recruit a debt coach. We also feel that the landscape has changed. The most common route out of debt now is through a Debt Relief Order, which means we don’t have any ongoing contact with clients and so therefore lose the opportunity to build relationships and share Jesus with them.

In addition, our money course coaches are finding that the new CAP Money Course materials are not relevant for the people we are mentoring. Again, the landscape has changed and there is a lot more help available for those with money challenges.

In light of this the management team have decided to wind down our working with CAP. We have sufficient funds to see us through the rest of this year.

We want to say a huge thank you to you for your prayer, people and financial support over these last 7 years. Without that we couldn’t have made the difference we have. Here is a summary of what we have achieved since we started:

Debt Free Route Debt Amount No. of Clients
Repayment of debt £32,610.44 4
Insolvency (DRO or bankruptcy) £211,891.56 13
DRO Hub Referral (Money Wellness) £21,214.54 3
Totals £265,716.54 20

Our aim is to continue providing 1:1 money mentoring in conjunction with the pop up shops, and money budgeting sessions. We have still to work through how best we do this and with that decide about the future of the charity FCAAPD.

If you have any thoughts or questions you would like to talk through, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Every blessing

Steve Lineham (FCAAPD Chair of trustees) Steve.lineham@btinternet.com

As we enter our fourth year, we have much to thank God for. He has sustained us through encouraging and challenging times. Last year it was a pleasure to be one of the Mayors charities and this year the chosen charity for the Rotary Club fun run.

We are pleased that we are now well known, recognised and respected around Felixstowe.

Currently, we have 40 active cases. We have referrals from the GP surgeries, the job centres, social care, friends and family of current users, responses to adverts and Manna pop up shop amongst others.

The profile of who we see changes. Initially it was young families, increasingly it is people living on their own who are socially isolated. Some have long term addictions, mental health issues and have experienced different types of abuse.

Many need support with budgeting, money management and dealing with debt which can vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds.

We operate on appointments only and no longer run social groups.

It has been very encouraging over the past few years to see an increase in support for people in Felixstowe from statutory and voluntary bodies with whom we are developing links. We are a member of East Suffolk Community Action Network and are currently part of a team looking at how we can all work to supporting the socially isolated.

We believe that our USP is that we are a free, holistic, non-judgmental and especially face to face service.

The experience of so many is that communication and advice is by phone, text or email as well as feeling being digitally excluded for a variety of reasons.

We gave our service users summer, Christmas and Easter packages which were well received.

We were also able to support people in a variety of ways through the distribution of the Household Support Grant. Helping with ever increasing fuel bills during the colder months was a lifeline to many, as well as the winter warmth packages provided by local government.

We are small yet committed team of volunteers and one part time paid worker. The 3 trustees are responsible for the strategic management of the charity and we have a management team of six who support the day to day management.

We are very thankful for the financial, practical and prayerful support of many agencies, churches and individuals in Felixstowe. We are dependent on external funding which has enabled us to operate so far.

We do need more hospitality volunteers to come in for half a day a week.

Some recent quotes from a few of our service users:-

“I’ve found Compass to be friendly, supportive and nonjudgmental and a great means of support to get me back on my feet.”

“I automatically trusted you.”

“It’s really helpful to have somewhere to go, to be able to talk to someone who can help me through difficult times.”

“You’ve helped me out and got me out of my house.”

“I’m really grateful, almost overwhelmed by the kindness and support you’ve given me, personally not just professionally.”

“It’s been a lifeline for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’d have no one else to turn to.”

In conclusion, our prayer is that as a Christian organisation, we will continue to demonstrate God’s love to those we serve, that we will build relationships with them so they will come to know the one we believe in and devote our lives to.

On behalf of all at the Compass

Joy Baker

Lead Outreach Worker

This year is a big year for Boost. We are soon to enter our tenth year of chaplaincy at Felixstowe School and have recently launched Primary School Chaplaincy at the Federation of Fairfield and Colneis Schools. We have also been one of the Mayor’s chosen charities this year, which has been wonderful at raising the profile of the work which we have done for so many years.

Like any good chaplaincy, we provide a huge amount of pastoral support to students and staff. We have supported over 120 young people with one to one support this academic year so far, whether it be for bereavement, low self-esteem, or regular mentoring. This support is in demand like never before, and the need is great, but it is such a privilege to journey alongside young people through all the ups and downs.

We also run a number of extra-curricular activities and clubs, providing safe places and great experiences for young people, including Chess Club, Theology Club and of course the Garden Club, which is the most popular club at Felixstowe School! We’ve seen the Garden Project literally grow from very small beginnings into an award winning safe space, a third of an acre, where young people are growing their own food, learning new skills, taking time to reflect and reconnecting with creation.

Primary school chaplaincy has had an excellent start, thanks to the amazing work of our new volunteer Julie. She has been getting to know students and staff and creating an open, welcoming, chaplaincy presence in the schools.

Please continue to pray for us in our work; we still rely on the generosity of churches and individuals to keep chaplaincy going, and we do always need practical support to keep the Garden Project going. A huge thanks to those who support our work, and if you’d like to book a visit or a talk, please get in touch- we’d love to share our work with you!

Josh and the Boost Team

Dr Joshua Hunt (Chaplain to Felixstowe School)