CTF Community Prayers – February 2022

We were pleased to welcome Jake Pass who is the interim Mission To Seafarers Chaplain for Felixstowe & the Haven Ports until a new Chaplain is appointed later in the year. He is also an ordinand with the Church of England, based in Cambridge but prior to that was a Chaplain in MTS in a number of locations, most recently in Hull, where he swapped with Father Herbert Fadriquela last year. For those of you who missed this interesting and informative session here is a video he made for Sea Sunday in 2017 which tells us more of the work of MTS.

Jake gave us a series of prayer points and we reproduce them here so that you may use them in prayer meetings Sunday services and home groups.

Besides a new MTS Chaipain, one of the big changes in Felixstowe will be a takeover of management of the Seafarers Centre by Queen Victoria’s Seaman’s Rest, a Methodist charity committed to ecumenical working with other agencies. Please pray that this change will proceed smoothly and that work amongst seafarers will be blessed by the move.

As a bonus, we’ve added this little video which was produced last year that gives us a little more insight into global work amongst seafarers by a number of mission organisations.