Are you a potential sponsor for Ukrainian refugees?

You will have seen that our Government launched the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme on Friday 18 March 2022.  Reportedly, some 150,000 sponsors from across the UK have registered their interest in offering accommodation to Ukrainian refugees (‘guests’) for at least the first six months of their stay in the UK (which is permitted to be up to three years).  Proportionately, that means that there should be about 500 sponsors in Felixstowe – but I currently only know of ten

You may also have seen the challenges of matching sponsors with refugees, set against concerns such as phishing and people trafficking.  Consequently, links have been established between ‘trusted agents’ in Felixstowe (Kim Balshaw and others) and ‘trusted agents’ on the continent (mostly Christian), in order to offer a bespoke and more secure ‘matching service’.  

The briefing flyer below is being sent to our trusted agents on the continent who are already supporting Ukrainian refugees in their own countries.  It gives a summary of the matching service and our support here in Felixstowe.

It is intended to shortly offer all (potential) sponsors in Felixstowe the opportunity to attend a meeting to share knowledge and coordinate our efforts; further details to follow in due course.

Whether you have already registered your interest in becoming a sponsor or are still considering such, please get in touch with the Felixstowe end of the ‘pipeline’ by emailing

If there are any major issues with this, please do not hesitate to come back to me.

Thanks in anticipation


Kim Balshaw

07760 734416